Free Book Offer: Expert Secrets

I recently found out that Russell Brunson is about to release his new book: “Expert Secrets” – and he wants to send YOU a review copy for FREE!
This is what you need to do RIGHT NOW to get your copy:
First – go to this website and let him know where to ship it to (you’ll have to pay a tiny shipping fee).
Second – you should probably post on FB, tweet and let EVERYONE else you know about it ASAP (because this cool book promo will be over soon…).
He was going to sell this book for $197, but before he releases it to the market, he wanted to get some feedback…
 So, he’s agreed to do something special…
 Yes, he’s going to GIVE this book to you for free. Just go here to get see what you need to do next:
If you’re serious about growing your business,  you MUST get your copy of this book now.
The last time he did an offer like this it sold out in less than 72 hours….
So go get your copy now:
 Expert Secrets
Robert Kiyosaki said that it’s: “the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the New Rich.”

Fall Website Creation Workshop


Would you like to be able to build your own website easily…? This is the way to go.

It’s the last day to enrol in this awesome Website Creation Workshop.

Christina Hills is an amazing teacher!

I’ve been with her since 2009.


Build Your Own Beautiful Website – Here’s How

Registration is closing today at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific for the Website Creation Workshop Spring 2016 Program with Christina Hills and I don’t want you to miss out.

PLUS, she just added some brand new bonuses to the program that are well worth the price of admission alone.

Check them out here >> Build Your Own Beautiful Website – Here’s How

Christina is a master at teaching entrepreneurs like yourself how to build a website with WordPress. And she’s not the new kid on the block! She’s been doing this now for several years and has taught more than 1,600 people how to easily create their own highly effective websites.

Go here, get all the details, and register today

On that page you’ll see the details about how you can gain the:

* Confidence
* Freedom
* Independence

…to easily create your own website yourself and be in charge of your own online marketing.

Again, Christina has taught hundreds of people to do it! She puts fun in the process, too.

How to make building your own website fun

Check it out. I think you’ll like what you see there. I took the course many years ago and have returned as an alumni to learn more.

But hurry — registration closes  April 21st at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.

Class is literally starting next week. Once registration is closed, you’ll have to wait until later to join the next class.

Why wait that long to get a website that works for you? Think of how many clients you can get and products you can sell between now and then…but only if you get started today!

Email List Re-Scubscribe Link


If you are here you may have received an email from me to reconfirm your subscription to stay connected.  Due to new anti-spam law in Canada as of July 1, 2014 all subscribers are being asked to reconfirm their subscription.

The link is below:

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Website Without a Webmaster

Are you frustrated working with Web people who take too long to build your website? Would you like to take back control, and run things yourself?

Well my colleague, Christina Hills, teaches non-techie people  how to build their websites without a webmaster. I have worked with her since 2009 when I first took the Website Creation Workshop and have returned many times as an alumni. Christina provides VALUE!!!

Christina has taught hundreds of non-techie people (myself included) how to easily build their websites themselves in the Website Creation workshop. I created this and other websites using WordPress after taking Christina’s Website creation Workshop. You can build virtually any kind of website you want with WordPress.

Here are some examples of the kinds of websites that people can

  • Author Websites
  • Book Websites
  • Coaching, Consulting & Speaking Websites
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Websites
  • Personal Passion Websites
  • General Business Presence Websites
  • Sales Letter Websites
  • Squeeze Page Websites
  • Membership Websites
  • Hybrid Blog + Static Page Websites

Registration is now open for this year’s Website Creation Workshop with Christina and I highly recommend it if you want to create your own website(s). Her method of teaching using WordPress is clear, detailed and comprehensive. Learning is done through webinar classes, videos, assignments and a student project to work on.



Teleseminar of the Month Club

There are so many different ways to spread your message and serve your clients, customers or subscribers. There are ebooks, ecourses, coaching, podcasts, reports, email marketing and more. We all step forward and do one thing at a time and build to the next step.

Are you ready to expand your business with teleseminars and webinars? I was on a great free webinar the other day learning how to run teleseminars. There is one more free class. If you’re interested in learning more I highly suggest checking out the Teleseminar of the Month Club. Kim Clausen has created some prettying amazing training and lots of valuable information.


Even if you aren’t aware…teleseminars are one of the #1 way to reach a wider audience, spread your valuable message, and increase your income by reaching more people. If you’re ready to expand yet aren’t sure how, check out the Teleseminar of the Month Club.

Niche Affiliate Marketing

Niche Affiliate Marketing

Niche Affiliate Marketing is the field of targeting your marketing efforts to a specific group or segment of the marketing arena.  Instead of creating a broad spectrum website, niche marketing focuses on targeting one specific area within a category.  It is often the most successful form of Affiliate Marketing due to the fact that the customer will readily accept the programs that are promoted.  There are several benefits to using Niche Affiliate Marketing, and one of the best advantages is gaining better search engine placement by creating Niche websites.

When studying search trends you might find that a generic category or topic receives millions of search hits each day.  For example, the search term Ebooks receives over 60 million hits, and though this shows that many people are looking for Ebooks, it also means that competition is fierce for the top ten search results.  However, if you focus on one particular genre of Ebooks, or another niche within the Ebook category, you can target visitors who are searching for that niche while eliminating much of your competition for the top ten search results.  You can find a niche in every field, and once you target that niche, you’ll find that it’s much simpler to become successful.

Content is always the key to every website or blog’s marketing strategy, and with niche affiliate marketing, you’ll need fresh content that focuses on your niche.  It’s important to create content that focuses on the niche keywords related to your topic. Research and choose the best keywords and make certain that the content on your website is keyword optimized.   Articles will comprise the bulk of your website, and then you can choose affiliate programs that complement your niche.  Since the customer has arrived at your site with the intentions of discovering more about the niche, he or she will readily click on your affiliate programs.  Niche marketing is a proven method that helps increase affiliate commissions.

Developing Systems A Good Internet Marketing Strategy

Developing Systems A Good Internet Marketing Strategy

A good internet marketing strategy is to develop systems for everything you do. Too many marketers haphazardly put together websites, skipping steps, doing things in inverse order, and leaving money on the table. Instead, a step by step method of doing what works is a good internet marketing strategy.

Think about what the first thing you need to do to launch into a new market is. For the sake of this article, let’s say it’s market evaluation (though your method may be different.) So you go to the bookstore and look at the magazine section to see what is popular. A good internet marketing strategy is to write that step down. Then, if you go to your favorite keyword tool and do keyword research, write that down.

As you do your next website, write down each and every step that it takes you to develop the website. If you are following someone else’s advice, incorporate their tips in with your own deviations.

After you have finished the product or website, evaluate your steps. Are there things you should have done before other things? Are there steps that you skipped? Are there steps where you duplicated your efforts?

As you evaluate your plan, a good internet marketing strategy is to write out a step by step guide so that you can duplicate your successes quickly.

Now, when you follow your action guide the next time, you may see gaps or redundancies. Take note of them. When you are done with your second site, refine the system.

Pretty soon, you will have a step by step system for making websites or creating products. You will be surprised at how much more quickly you can get things done when you have every step outlined. Pretty soon, you won’t even have to look at your guide because everything will be imprinted on your brain.

What’s more, if you are successful with your steps, you can even sell this information to other internet marketers. Because most marketers do not have a good internet marketing strategy, if you provide one for them, they will be willing to pay you top dollar for your system. Many successful marketers have made a second income doing just this.

Don’t think that you can ìwing itî on every site. If you do that, internet marketing is just a hobby. All businesses have systems. A good internet marketing strategy is to put down on paper what your system is.

Dot Com Secrets X Webinar – Online Coaching

How To Make Money Online

DotComSecrets X - Free 30 Day "Work From Home" Coaching Program

Recently Russell Brunson launched his new DotComSecrets X online coaching program and the success stories are already pouring in.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • You get REAL, daily video coaching from a REAL internet millionaire!
  • Many students are seeing actual results (clicks, optins and sales) within the FIRST 7 days!
  • It only costs $1 to get started (and that $1 goes to World Teacher Aid)
  • Every 1,000 new members, they are granting a wish through Make A Wish (in the first 2 weeks they had already granted 2 wishes!)
  • It works… but what’s best – if Russell can’t make you money in the first 30 days… then you don’t have to pay anything!

Russell posted a FREE online orientation webinar that you can watch this week that will give you all of the information on the coaching, and help you become one of our next success stories!

Register for your webinar here:  DotComSecretsX Webinar


Simple Squeezer

 Squeeze Page Generator

How often do you buy yet another useless piece of software because you went sent to a blind sales page?

The Product – The easy to use squeeze page generator.  Quickly creates squeeze pages easily and with no Html knowledge, simply fill in the blanks!

Bonus 1 – Squidoo Search Tool => Find available Squidoo Lens names for your article SEO campaigns. Quickly search Squidoo from your list
of hand picked keywords.

Bonus 2 – Blogger Search Tool => Find available Blogger domain names for your article SEO campaigns. Quickly search for Blogger domain names
from your list of hand picked keywords.

Bonus 3 – Master Resell Right, sales pages and graphics.